About Player Recognition

Player Recognition is an Athletic Recruiting Service geared towards providing Canadian Student-Athletes with more recruiting opportunities than those following the traditional and outdated methods used by coaches and scouts today.

Athletic Recruiting is one of the few industries in the world that have yet to transition to the digital and online eras. While the rest of the sporting world has completed this transition, recruiting remains unchanged for several reasons. The most important of those being the trust that coaches and scouts have in their own eyes. Face-to-Face interaction is the preferred recruiting method because it allows the recruiter to get a first hand look at the athlete which prevents any misconceptions or exaggerations of stats, measurables or character.

Talented Canadian Athletes participating in sports dominated primarily by Americans are not given the time of day in the traditional recruiting process because the effort required to scout, visit, recruit and travel is not seen as having an equal return on investment.

Introducing Player Recognition, Canada’s first digital recruiting platform that allows athletes to promote themselves for coaches across Canada and the United States with verified statistics and measurables. Coaches will have the ability to do specific criteria based searches to find athletes across the country, that may have not been on their small Canadian recruiting board prior to their visit to Player Recognition.

The entire team at Player Recognition sets out on a daily basis to provide equal recruiting opportunities for the thousands of talented student-athletes that do not receive the recognition and recruiting opportunities that they deserve south of the border. We hope to one day end this stigma that Canadian athletes are inferior in the world of sports and in turn provide them with legitimate and consistent opportunities in the NCAA.


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