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Player Recognition is an athletic recruiting service that helps Canadian student athletes get recruited to Universities and Colleges across North America.

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Equal Opportunity

Player Recognition gives coaches and recruiters a powerful search tool to find athletes that fit their program regardless of where you're located. 

International Visibility

We are constantly finding new way to get your athletic recruiting profiles in the hands of coaches and scouts in CEGEP, U-Sports and the NCAA. 

Minimal Effort

After you've completed your verified recruiting profile with Player Recognition, watch the messages from coaches and scouts across North America roll in. 


Show Coaches Your Game

Gain Exposure

Your verified recruiting profile is made available to coaches and scouts across North America looking for talented prospect that match exactly the skillset you offer. 

Get Verified.


With the industry's first stat verification system, Player Recognition is the only platform coaches trust for accurate, up-to-date player information.

Evaluate Yourself

Filter through other recruiting profiles on Player Recognition to see how you stack up against the competition. 

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Join thousands of athletes on Player Recognition and get recruited.