Recruiting Starts With 

Player Recognition

Player Recognition is a virtual athletic recruiting service that connects coaches with prospects across North America. 


Build Your Roster.

Stay Connected. 

More than ever before, it is crucial to be in constant communication with members of your staff. Player Recognition's Recruiting Service offers many tools to keep in touch and share information with your team directly in the application.

Plan Ahead.

Our Recruiting Board feature allows you to strategically organize your list of verified student-athletes however you wish, whether it be by speed, strength, position or their graduating class.

Filter Through.

Player Recognition’s Player Finder allows you to easily and efficiently sort through thousands of verified recruiting profiles based on the needs and preferences of your program. Apply your filters and watch the talented prospects pour in.


Recruit Internationally.

Expand your teams recruiting range by filtering through verified student athletes by state or province and unlocking an entirely untapped market.

Reduce Costs.

Avoid the excess time and money costs that come with extra travel, events and promotional material by using Player Recognition’s recruiting tools such as the Player Finder and Recruiting Board.

Rest Assured.

Player Recognition is built on the industry’s only database of entirely verified combine and physical statistics. When recruiting a player, you can be sure the information you’re seeing is accurate.

Recruit Top Talent.

Make This Your Best Season Yet.

Join a world of verified coaches and athletes on Player Recognition.