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Getting Recruited While In Quarantine

In light of the current world situation, the need to have your athletic information readily available for coaches and scouts has never been higher. In just one month, recruiting as we know it has been drastically changed and shifted to a nearly entirely digital approach. Coaches will no longer be able to travel to visit recruits, invite recruits on campus or host any form of camps and combines with hundreds of student athletes in attendance. So now that we know all of this, what is the best way to maintain your recruiting momentum, while relying entirely on your cellphones and computers?

Social Media:

Even prior to the Global Pandemic, maintaining active and clean social media accounts has been very important in the recruiting process. Many scouts use platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to identify and communicate with potential recruits.

The general rules for these accounts remain the same:

  • Make sure your username is something simple, and related to your name (ie. @johnnysmith17)

  • Avoid any references to drugs, alcohol, violence etc. When coaches can’t have you on campus for a visit, a large judgement of your character is based on how you carry yourself on social media.

  • Have all of your information readily available for coaches and scouts. When sifting through profiles, coaches don’t need to search through hundreds of pictures and posts to find what they are looking for. Make sure you have all the information they need in your BIO or in a pinned post.

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Highlight Tape:

It is more important than ever now to have a clean, professional highlight tape ready and available for coaches to look at at all times. Coaches typically have a format for a highlight tape that they like to see when looking through hundreds of tapes in a given day.

A few things that coaches look for and appreciate are:

  • Avoid long intros. As much as some great pictures and cool quotes can really make a highlight tape, the reality is, coaches don’t care for things like that and really just want to see you play.

  • Put your best plays at the start. Coaches look through hundreds of tapes every day, so if you start off your highlight with a 7 yard catch on a hook, or a simple tackle, odds are they won’t make it passed the first 30 seconds of your tape.

  • Segment your highlight tape. For example, as a receiver, have a section of your tape dedicated to catches, a section for punt/kick returns and a portion for blocking. By structuring your film this way, coaches can easily maneuver through and examine the part of your game they wish to take a further look at. We will be posting a tutorial on the ideal way to structure your highlight tape in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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Always Be Available:

Because coaches and scouts cannot get on a plane to visit you, or invite you on campus, the recruiting process is going to heavily rely on virtual meetings and phone calls.

Coaches are going to be absolutely cramming their calendars with ZOOM conferences and phone calls with prospects, so it is important to make yourself available at all times for these meetings. If you aren’t available or need to cancel, odds are they will just fill your time slot with another recruit. With likely hundreds of meetings every month, you cannot rely on a coach to propose a new time.

When you do get on a call with a coach, it is important to remember the following:

  • Find a quiet space. The last thing you want is to have a noisy background when you are trying to tell this coach why he should choose you for his program. Step away for 30 minutes to have this conversation in a professional manner.

  • Clean up your surroundings. This is just a little thing, but when video conferencing with a coach or scout, just ensure that the room you're in is tidy, with good lighting and no echo.

Have All Your Info In 1 Place:

Nothing makes a coaches job easier than having all of a student athletes information in 1 place. Luckily, Player Recognition offers profiles for all student-athletes that allows you to hold all of the information coaches are after in 1 place.

  • Link your highlight tape to your profile. This is arguable the most important point of all, because your tape is what coaches base 75% of their initial interest on. If your profile doesn’t have a highlight tape, they will skip right over it.

  • Have a Solid Biography: Once again, during these times coches will be basing their opinions of you as a person based on what they see online. It is important that your biography covers the following points.

  • A general overview of you as a person (not an athlete): What you like/dislike, your values, your hobbies, etc

  • Your athletic accomplishments.

  • Your scholastic achievements.

  • Your availabilities for a call (should be very available).

  • Your Goals/Desires

  • Have your contact information readily available. Having a coach interested in you is fantastic, but it serves no purpose if your contact information isn’t available on your profile.

**You should have a parent, teacher or friend review this biography for grammar, content or missing points.**

• DO NOT LIE. Throughout your entire profile, it is crucial that you do not lie or exaggerate any statistics or achievements. Coaches and scouts have been doing this for years and will come to the truth one way or another.

By following all of these points, you are making the recruiting process much smoother for yourself and coaches. We are in the midst of a complete shift in how recruiting works, and it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve.