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If Football Is Canceled - Will I Still Get Recruited?

If you plan on graduating this upcoming year, you may start thinking to yourself that this state of everything right now may cause challenges for your athletic recruiting process whether it be to a Prep School, University or a CEGEP (for Quebec High School Students). The reality is, it will cause challenges, luckily you won’t be alone.

At the time of writing this post, Football Canada has not made any decision regarding the status of this upcoming season, but we at Player Recognition wanted you to be prepared no matter what the final verdict is. As an athletic recruiting service, we pride ourselves on adapting to whatever the situation to assure all athletes are well represented and provided with opportunities to pursue their dreams of playing competitively at the next level.

Being prepared and ready to adapt is what will allow your recruiting process to go on as scheduled. With that said, these are the steps that Player Recognition will be encouraging all athletes to adopt in the coming days, weeks and months.

What Do I Need To Keep Doing?

Not everything that we know regarding athletic recruiting needs to go out the window amidst everything going on around the world, there are actually many things that we’ve done for years now that we can keep doing.


This one should go without saying, but although the world is at a stand-still right now, that doesn’t mean your training and workout regiments stop. If anything, your productivity in the gym should increase with the amount of extra time we’ve all been gifted. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at this point in time, THERE WILL BE FOOTBALL AGAIN, and we all need to be prepared for this.

Coaches and scouts are going to use this entire situation to determine who really wants it and is willing to put in work for it no matter the situation. These are the players that will get recruited.


Pandemic or not, school remains the single most important factor for coaches when looking through your athletic recruiting profile. You can be the absolute best prospect, but if you don’t qualify educationally, it’s truly all for nothing.

The timing of these events are lucky in the sense that those who were on pace to graduate will still graduate, and those who were struggling will be given additional time and resources in order to ensure their eligibility and academic standing.

As mentioned, the one’s who use this time to better themselves will come out as winners in the end. If your school situation is settled and taken care of, use this time to study film, research programs that interest you or explore workouts and training regiments.

What More Can I Do?

As we said, with the times we’re in right now, some things are going to need to change. Athletes prepared to adapt and go that extra mile will be the winners coming out of all of this.

Learn How to Effectively Contact Coaches.

By possibly not being able to see you play in person, coaches are going to be relying heavily on tape and what kind of information they already had on you from last season.

Unfortunately, for this reason many players will begin to get lost in the shuffle. Here are 5 Tips To Help Make the Perfect Highlight Tape.

With that being said it’s crucial to learn how to effectively reach out to coaches and express your interest in their program. There are factors to this such as their activity on social media, their role within the team or their current recruiting process.

Get Yourself Out There.

Going hand in hand with contacting coaches, giving these coaches a place to find you is absolutely crucial. Luckily, athletic recruiting services like Player Recognition allow you to get your informations, highlight tape and statistics in front of programs looking for talented student-athletes in a matter of minutes.

Not only does this give you extra exposure, but it simplifies the entire process for you. When submitting a recruiting application, it allows you to put your statistics, contact info, highlight tape and biography all on one place, making it so easy for coaches.

Optimize Your Social Media Accounts For Recruiting.

If seasons don’t take place, coaches are going to be digging through social media even more than usual. You absolutely need to make sure that your profiles are set up properly for a coach to look at. Here’s a guide to Optimize Your Social Media Accounts For Recruiting.

This will be the first of many pieces of content by the Player Recognition team that aims to help student-athletes, their parents as well as coaches deal with and thrive during these uncertain times.

Should you have any questions or blog/guide suggestions, feel free to e-Mail us at contact@playerrecognition.com.