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We Need A Change: How We Can Make A Difference

Taking a step away from football and athletic recruiting, Player Recognition wanted to address exactly where we stand regarding the situation going on in the world right now. As we're all aware, the sport, the leagues and the events we love so much would be absolutely nothing without the black community. Player Recognition would like express our support for all those affected from this, and ensure everyone that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that the voices of our brothers and sisters are heard and actions are taken in the right direction. This is not our official statement on the situation, this is not us following the trends, THIS IS A PROMISE.

The world as a whole can learn a lot from your typical high school, university of professional football locker room. In no other setting do we see the walls of race broken down more than a team of brothers playing the game they devote their hearts and souls to together.

Now the question remains, what can we do to get the wheels rolling and spark change around the world.

Use Your Platform.

Players in U-Sports, NCAA, the CFL and NFL have an incredibly large platform whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Thousands and thousands of impressionable young athletes that will shape the world as we know it look up to these individuals every single day.

Benjamin St-Juste of the Minnesota Gophers took to the news from his home to discuss his position on the situation, once again re-emphasizing the drastic need for a systematic change. How we spark change was perfectly summed up by the points made by St-Juste.

  • Educate Yourself.

  • Donate Time and Resources To The Causes.

  • Sign Petitions.

  • Make Calls and Continue To Spread Awareness.

To view the entire interview, click here.

If more and more athletes took this initiative like St-Juste, there is no denying that a larger majority of the young football community would adopt similar mindsets and devote their times and efforts towards change.

Understand That There’s A Problem.

This is something that everyone from PeeWee football to the professional ranks can and should do right now. No matter your race, religious belief, economic standing or geographical location, it’s absurd to sit back and think that things are okay the way they are.

As we see on a football field, the quarterback is just as important as the kicker, who’s as important as the linebackers, etc. The team would be broken and ineffective if we didn’t treat each player and each position as important as the next. Now just imagine how much better off we would be as a world if we valued every race and every person as much as football players value their teammates and brothers.

Take Action.

As St-Juste said, we need more than acknowledgment, we need action, this starts by educating yourself on the history of this situation. From there, you become responsible to spread the messages of your research and continue the spread of positive acknowledgement and desire for change.

To take it a step further there are dozens or organizations, corporations and causes that allow for monetary donations, volunteering and your support with petitions. We at Player Recognition will continue to support these programs and encourage you to do whatever you can.

Here is a list of where you can donate and share your support.

We are truly grateful that we’re in a position to influence the youth and as said, will continue to do so indefinitely. In just a few short days, the response from the football community has been outstanding and we’re excited to see the outpour of messages continue from influential people of all races.