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Why Canada Needs Player Recognition

Updated: May 29, 2020

Updated: Friday May 29th 2020 - 05-29-2020

The Problem:

Alabama...Oklahoma...Michigan. These are just a few of the schools that Canadian football players have accepted a full athletic scholarship from since 2016. Anyone with even the slightest bit of College Football knowledge knows the skill it requires to draw the attention of any of these programs, let alone join their team for years to come. While these offers are unbelievably motivating for young football players across Canada, the numbers just simply don't add up.

Every Division 1 NCAA team is entitled to roughly 25 Full Scholarships every year. Multiplying that by the number of Division 1 FBS teams (115), we get a grand total of 2,875 potential scholarship offers. In 2018, 17 Canadian born football players committed to FBS teams, meaning only 0.6% of the potential full rides were occupied by Canadians.

This isn't due to a lack of speed or strength or skill, but because of the clear disconnect in the recruiting world between American programs and Canadian student-athletes. Despite the talent, we have North of the border, NCAA programs continue to neglect the opportunity to have talented athletes from Canada join their teams.

To add to an already difficult recruiting process, USport programs predominantly recruit in-province, which oftentimes limits the number of choices an athlete may have. Reasons for sticking so close to home in USports typically relate back to a lack of budget and/or personnel to conduct a thorough "recruiting run" outside of your home province. While cross-country recruiting does occur, the percentage of out of province players per team is far less significant than the numbers we see in the NCAA for out of state players.

The Solution:

Our ability to connect coaches and scouts from across North America with talent that matches their exact needs and criteria is what makes Player Recognition the premiere recruiting tool for Canadian Student-Athletes. We set out on a daily basis to put the skills that may have initially gone unnoticed on display for the right eyes to see. With Player Recognition's Athlete Database, coaches have the ability to filter through thousands of profiles in a matter of seconds to find athletes that fit exactly what they're looking for but would have remained unknown.

Player Recognition is built on the industry's first stat verification system so coaches and scouts alike know the information they're viewing is up to date and accurate. By eliminating any fear of falsified stats, coaches can plan cross-country recruiting trips with confidence, knowing exactly who they're going to see before they even step foot on the plane. Using our Virtual Recruiting Board, coaches can save profiles and organize them based on position, location, and priority with a simple drag & drop feature.

The tools we've put together for players and coaches were developed with the sole purpose of evolving and facilitating the way recruiting happens for Canadian Student-Athletes.

It's time to change the way recruiting happens with Player Recognition.