Recruit Verified Student Athletes From Home 

Player Recognition allows your team to filter through thousands of verified student-athletes without sending your scouts on expensive recruiting trips. 

Why Scout Internationally?

Recruit Across North America

There is no shortage of talented athletes across North America. Filter through our database of verified profiles to find exactly what your team needs. 

Broaden Your Search

Typically, coaches and scouts recruit in the areas that are familiar to them or have given them good results in the past, while thousands of fantastic prospects don't even appear on their radar. 

Untapped Markets

So many talented student-athletes lie outside of recruiting "hot-spots". Take advantage of this untapped market and start recruiting today!

Be Certain

The primary concern when using recruiting services is the legitimacy of the statistics. With Player Recognition, you can be sure that the stats you see are 100% verified.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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